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Cathy Horyn (always good to read her stuff) on why so much of fashion is becoming so straightforward

The easiest to see is branding. It’s so pervasive in our culture that it functions for some as a means to fulfillment. People definitely get enthralled with things — sports, TV shows, fashion — in a way that a fan in the ’60s or ’70s wouldn’t recognize. One assumes that has a lot to do with “the religion of branding,” as Michael Rock put it. Rock’s firm, 2 x 4, does branding and graphic design for companies and art institutions. Recently, we spoke about the creative constraints imposed on designers now that fashion is viewed globally, often on tiny screens. He used the word “guardrails” to emphasize the lack of freedom a designer has. On the other hand, he said, the designer who sticks to those limits will likely be successful.